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The Bale/Doneen Method

What a pleasure it is to be associated with Dr. Bale and the Bale/Doneen Method. I have been a practicing interventional cardiologist for over ten years, working on the frontlines of treatment for cardiovascular disease.

My approach has been to provide comprehensive care to patients with heart and vascular disease including preventative care. However, I am convinced that the future of cardiovascular disease management is prevention. Effective prevention for heart attack and stroke must include aggressive evidence-based medical therapy as well as patient education.

Spending time with my patients to inform and educate is the cornerstone of success. It enables the individual to take charge of their future health. As a cardiologist, I often see patients with problems, which might have been prevented, or with a recurring cycle of cardiovascular events which were not necessary. Traditional medical practice focuses on problems, which have already occurred. To impact the course of heart and vascular disease requires much more, both of the patient and the physician.

The Bale/Doneen Method has proven itself effective in this, incorporating early detection, medical therapy and patient education. I am excited to begin offering preventative care in a non-traditional setting which will allow me to spend time educating my patients, not just treating the consequence of lifestyle and disease. True prevention involves patient empowerment.

There are six basic elements to the Bale/Doneen Method:

  • Education of the patient
    Educate the patient on event reality -- what really causes a heart attack or ischemic stroke?
  • Disease evaluation
    Identify, treat, and monitor atherosclerosis.
  • Fire/Inflammation 
    Assess and monitor inflammation of the disease.. Learn how to identify when there is a "CAT IN THE GUTTER" and how to ensure it never jumps out.
  • Root causes of disease 
    Determine root causes of atherosclerosis so that we can monitor and treat the cause rather than the symptom.
  • Optimal goals to minimize risk
    Establish patient goals based on risk factor modification rather than by standard of care.
  • Genetics 
    Develop an individualized care model that is based on each patient's unique genetic make-up, that personalizes and enhances the success of the Bale/Doneen Method.
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